OREANDA-NEWS. National Rating Agency has affirmed its 'AA' reliability rating on Zerich Capital Management IC (ZCM) a part of its investment company reliability rating monitoring procedure. The outlook for ZCM’s rating is Stable. NRA’s ‘AA’ individual reliability rating was first assigned to the company in 2008 and reaffirmed each consecutive year. The latest affirmation was on Dec. 16, 2015.

The rating affirmation reflects ZCM’s long track record of operations, sustainable stock market position, growing capitalization and earnings generation capacity. NRA has examined ZCM’s 2015 financials, which show that the company’s key financial performance indicators continue to improve. Its assets totaled RUB 2.9bn, a 32% increase on 3Q 2015. Its equity was RUB 372.7 as of Jan. 1, 2016. ZCM demonstrates consistent revenue generation. Its net profit for 2015 was RUB 118 million.

The company continues to be poorly diversified by business line. That said, NRA notes ZCM’s vigorous efforts to enhance its trust management and algorithmic trading business lines and thereby bring down the concentration risk.

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