OREANDA-NEWS. In the current economic conditions, potential buyers are forced to reconsider their plans for buying a car. This survey was conducted by "AUTOSTAT" analytical agency at the beginning (in February) and at the end (December) of 2015 year. Some results of the study of consumer sentiment were announced today at the conference "The Russian automobile market The results and forecasts" by the head of the marketing department of the analytical agency "AUTOSTAT", Tatiana Malygina.

Among the respondents in the last year the share of people who want to buy a car decreased significantly (from 44 to 32%). In turn, the share of those, who are not planning to buy a car, increased from 41 to 56%. Also, there are fewer "optimists", who believe that their economic situation in the next six months will remain stable or improve (from 57 to 53%). But there were added those, who believe the opposite, that is, "pessimists" (from 43 to 47%).

As reasons for not buying a car, respondents chose more than one answer. The biggest obstacle for the realization of their plans was the current crisis, because it is "not the best time to buy a car" (over 60%). The second reason was called by respondents the rise in prices of goods, which is why the money for the purchase is not enough. Also, the respondents take the view that the prices are too high for cars and they are waiting their reduction. In addition, they were confused by the salary decrease, more expensive loans, and job loss.