OREANDA-NEWS. In terms of reducing of the domestic market, KAMAZ plans to strengthen its presence in foreign countries in the coming years. It is not just about increasing of sales of Russian trucks to the countries, with which it was already signed a contract on the supply, but also about the opening of new markets. It was announced at the conference "The automotive market in Russia The results and forecasts" in the report of the director of marketing and advertising of KAMAZ, Ashot Harutyunyan.
The plans of the company – include the opening of the truck "KAMAZ" vehicles deliveries to Indonesia and Iran, as well as in Colombia and Ecuador in the next 2-3 years. In 2017, it is scheduled to go to market of Peru with a new model range.

The argument "for" access to the CIS countries is clear: the state of the economies of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan as well as Russia depends on the world prices for energy resources. Accordingly, in the short term, the significant growth in the truck market is not expected. In these countries, KAMAZ intends to strengthen its position by improving the efficiency of commodity distribution and service network. Moreover, KAMAZ will continue the development of assembly production in Azerbaijan.

For the countries in Eastern Europe the company has the forefront task of developing and launching vehicles of ecological "Euro-6" into the markets.

State support, aimed at stimulating of the market, also can bring tangible results, especially the support of such areas as leasing. "About 40% of Daimler vehicles are sold in leasing, we have - only 20 - 25% - said Mr. Harutyunyan. – “The state program is helping, but not as much as we'd like ... ".