OREANDA-NEWS. On 11 December 2015 the Affinity Sutton Group Limited and Circle Anglia Limited (operating as Circle Housing Group), two of the UK's largest housing associations, announced that their respective Boards had approved an outline business case to merge.  Work to complete the merger during 2016 has been progressing and today the first Designate Board and Executive appointments are being announced:

Chair Designate - Sir Robin Young, currently the Chair of Circle Housing Group

Deputy Chair Designate - Neil Goulden, currently the Chair of Affinity Sutton Group

Chief Executive Officer Designate - Keith Exford, currently the Chief Executive Officer of Affinity Sutton Group

Deputy Chief Executive Officer Designate - Mark Rogers, currently the Chief Executive Officer of Circle Housing Group

Further Designate Board and Executive appointments will be announced in March 2016, and shortly thereafter an update call for investors will be held.

For further information please contact:

Anna Moulds, Head of Corporate Relations, Circle Housing Group on anna.moulds@circle.org.uk or 07977 285 443


Alex Hunter, Marketing and Communications Director, Affinity Sutton Group on alex.hunter@affinitysutton.com or 07736 621 366