OREANDA-NEWS. National Rating Agency has affirmed its national scale ‘A’ credit rating on Stabifin Consulting Limited (SCL) with a stable outlook. NRA’s ‘A’ credit rating (falling into the “Holding and Financial Companies” section of NRA’s rating list) was first assigned to SCLd on Dec. 18, 2013. The latest rating action (the ‘A’ credit rating affirmation) was on Apr. 6, 2015.

The current rating affirmation reflects the company’s high-quality investments, strong liquidity position, consistently positive financial result for past periods under review and potential extraordinary support from its beneficiary owners.

The rating is constrained by factors, such as the low share of equity in SCL’s aggregate financing mix, the company’s heavy reliance on funds generated by its investment portfolio., as well as SCL’s concentrated income base.

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