OREANDA-NEWS. "Zaporizhstal" PJSC began to carry out deliveries of metal products by means of waterborne transport along Dnieper river due to favorable weather conditions in 2016. In March, 2015 "Zaporizhstal" PJSC together with Zaporozhye river port initiated an appeal on the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine for announcing the internavigational season in dependence on the weather conditions; it resulted in decrease of the internavigational period from 4 to 1.5 months.

"We strive for to differentiate the logistic routs in maximum. The main advantage to deliver by means of water transport is the possibility to deliver our products directly to our customers in Black Sea region. Reducing the logistic costs has great significance for maintaining of the Enterprise's positions in the conditions, when tariffs for railway transportation are increased", the Chief Executive Officer of "Zaporizhstal" PJSC Rostyslav Shurma declared.

"Zaporizhstal" PJSC resumed its strategic partnership with Zaporozhye river port in October 2012. For 4 years (from 2012 to 2015), the Works sent to the consumers in different countries of the world through Zaporozhye river port about 2 million tons of metal products. In 2015, the Works' export cargoes were dispatched by means of waterborne transport to the countries of Europe, such as Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. In 2016, the Works is planning to deliver through Zaporozhye river port about 700 thousand tons of metal products at the level of 2015.