OREANDA-NEWS. R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company's (Nasdaq:RRD) today announced the launch, effective March 4th, of the company's transformed Venue virtual data room, representing another enhancement to the company's deal solutions platform. Venue virtual data room is one of the fastest-growing offerings of RR Donnelley's comprehensive Financial Services Group and is used by legal and financial services professionals to accelerate and streamline business processes related to M&A due diligence, IPOs, Securities and Exchange Commission filings and fundraising activities.

Venue virtual data room is a highly secure, globally accessible online platform for the exchange and storage of critical information inside and outside of an enterprise, in order to streamline collaboration and workflow management.

The re-designed Venue data room platform is centered on optimizing the Venue user experience.  Enhancements include a sleeker, more modernized product interface, a faster core function processing, and streamlined access to deal room content.  Two-factor user authentication enhances Venue security, providing clients' deal teams even more confidence for their most sensitive deals. 

"Every day, users access our Venue data rooms to securely manage and share content related to some of the highest valued deals in the M&A market," commented Tom Juhase, President of RR Donnelley's Financial Services Group. "We continually hear from enthusiastic Venue data room clients that our technology saves them time, money and human capital, thereby streamlining the entire deal process."

RR Donnelley provides clients across virtually every industry and geography with an unparalleled print platform, proprietary technology tools, subject matter expertise, and single source solutions. RR Donnelley is committed to maintaining the Venue platform product enhancements on pace with the rapid evolution of the deal making process.  By providing Venue clients access to a fully customizable user experience and intuitive product interface, Venue data rooms are now even better positioned to simplify and accelerate due diligence. 

"Technology has completely disrupted and revolutionized how dealmakers approach and close deals," noted Craig Clay, Executive Vice President of RR Donnelley's Financial Services Group. "Our enhanced Venue data room not only makes due diligence more efficient than ever before, but also equips our clients with direct access to the services needed for every step of a deal."  

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