OREANDA-NEWS. Tele2, an alternative mobile operator, and the Kaliningrad Region government have signed an agreement on cooperation in developing telecom sector. The operator is planning to invest 830 mn rubles into development of the region’s mobile infrastructure between 2016 and 2019.

The agreement has been signed by Tele2 CEO Mikhail Noskov and Kaliningrad Region Governor Nikolay Tsukanov. The investment program implies expansion of the operator’s network coverage on the territory of the region so that residents could use high-quality voice services and high-speed mobile Internet. Thus, the signing of the document is solving important tasks on development of telecom technologies and support of socially oriented projects.

The project implies both modernization of existing facilities on the territory of Kaliningrad Region and construction of new base stations as well as increase in the network capacity in large cities of the region. Tele2 is now focused on the rollout of wireless Internet networks: the company provides a stable 3G coverage on the territory where over 80% of Kaliningrad residents live. 

Mikhail Noskov, CEO at Tele2:

“One of Tele2 priority tasks is to provide access to high-quality services at low prices for as many residents as possible. Working out efficient mechanisms of cooperation with regional authorities, in particular the signing of agreements on cooperation in telecom sector development, gives the company an opportunity to successfully implement this task in the regions. Under agreement between Tele2 and the Kaliningrad Region government, we are not only investing funds into construction and modernization of the telecom infrastructure but also supporting social and economic projects.”