OREANDA-NEWS. Dalradian Resources Inc. (TSX:DNA)(AIM:DALR) ("Dalradian" or the "Company") announces the details of its recently commenced test stoping program in support of its ongoing Feasibility Study (FS) on the Curraghinalt gold deposit in Northern Ireland. 

Patrick F.N. Anderson, Dalradian's Chairman and CEO, commented: 

"Test stoping is one of the key factors in producing a high quality feasibility study for Curraghinalt and being confident that our mine plan will be realistic and achievable. The stoping program compliments other completed and ongoing works in support of our feasibility such as infill drilling and grade reconciliation studies comparing face sampling with the block model." 

The program will commence on the V-75 vein, which is approximately 90 metres below the surface and 1,000 metres horizontally into the hillside at the deepest point of our development and therefore believed to be most representative for mining purposes of the bulk of the resource at Curraghinalt. The program will consist of a minimum of two test stopes averaging 1,000 tonnes each and may include up to four stopes. The test stoping program has been modified to include a ramp down of approximately 190 metres in length and 18 metres in depth to more accurately replicate planned mining techniques for a full-scale mine (refer to figures at www.dalradian.com/news-and-events/news-releases/news-releases-details/April-6-2016-News-Release-Figures for more details). The additional development has the advantage of including backfilling and provides the option to add up to two more stopes. The development completed to date has demonstrated sound rock mechanics and is yielding important data on the grade and metallurgical characteristics of the veins. Total development for Dalradian's underground program is now expected to total 950-1000 metres, up from approximately 885 metres. 

Preparatory development for the test stoping commenced in March and the stoping program should be completed during the second half of 2016. Definition drilling for the planned stopes is underway and is expected to be finished by the end of April. The expansion of the test stoping program is expected to have a negligible effect on the budget for the overall underground program as well as the anticipated timing for release of the FS, which remains in the second half of 2016. 

About Dalradian Resources Inc. 

Dalradian Resources Inc. is a gold exploration and development company that is focused on advancing its high-grade Curraghinalt Gold Project located in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. The Company is in the midst of a work program in support of a planning (permitting) application for construction of an operating mine at Curraghinalt. Components of the program include a feasibility study, an environmental and social impact assessment, infill drilling and underground exploration (at least 950 metres of development with associated test stoping).