OREANDA-NEWS. April 07, 2016. The classic division of Automotive Aftermarket, with its headquarters in Karlsruhe, offers vintage-car enthusiasts a broad range of more than 60 000 different products. "We take our historical responsibility seriously and do our utmost to support vintage-car owners in the maintenance of their favourite treasures", explains Fritz Cirener, Head of Automotive Tradition. The classic division assists not only in obtaining Bosch replacement parts. They also coordinate the reproduction of many parts. Indeed, sometimes new products have to be developed, as in the case of the "Black Battery". In addition, original replacement parts are maintained.

Bosch Automotive Tradition Events
In 2016 the experts of Bosch Automotive Tradition will be available for you at several events with their knowledge and products. In April they will be present at the Bosch Hockenheim Historic (15 – 17 April 2016). In June, the Bosch Boxberg Klassik starts for the 17th time (24 – 26 June 2016). The Eifel Rallye Festival follows (21 – 23 July 2016) in Daun. Moreover, the experts of Automotive Tradition will be available at the Bosch stand for discussions during the Automechanika in Frankfurt (13 – 17 September 2016).

Bosch Tradition at the Techno Classica
At the Techno Classcia (6 – 10 April 2016), Bosch Automotive Tradition will present four 12 volt-variants of the historical black battery and extends its historical battery range. The battery range includes already the 6 volt-variants that Bosch has been reproducing since 2014. While its exterior black housing closely resembles its historical predecessor, Bosch has equipped the inside of the battery using modern technology and high quality standards. These batteries, while remaining faithful to their historical legacy, offer the same high standard of safety and long service life of the modern Bosch starter battery. Furthermore, they are suitable for recycling almost completely. The CC charger also belongs to the product range. It charges weak 6 volt-batteries easily and quickly. The device offers a so-called charge-maintenance, allowing vintage cars to be ready to drive even when they are not in regular use.

At our stand at the Techno Classica in Essen, visitors have the opportunity for a discussion with Jochen Geiken. The well-known vintage-car expert has 45 years of experience in Bosch workshops and is available for all questions relating to engineering and repair on classic vehicles. Answers to detailed technical questions vintage-car enthusiasts will find in the knowledge databank of Bosch Automotive Tradition. It includes more than 50 000 historical documents. It can be found at www.automotive-tradition.com. Furthermore, exhibition visitors can learn how control devices regain their functionality through the repair- and preparation programme at the Bosch stand. Thus it is possible for vehicle owners to have their defective D-Jetronic control device or their HKZ switching device repaired directly by Bosch – regardless from which vehicle and from which engine (four, six or eight cylinders).

New title in the knowledge book series of Bosch
Also provided by Bosch Automotive Tradition is the Automotive Handbook. It is available in its 9th edition. A new book titled "Ottomotorsteuerung f?r Young- und Oldtimer" has been published. It is based on the partially thoroughly reworked and extended "Gelbe Reihe" by Bosch and explains clearly the basics of the topics of air-fuel mix and ignition. In addition to classical carburetors and ignition systems, all Jetronic systems are depicted. The book is thus a knowledge base for owners of vintage and modern classic cars with a passion for technology.

For those who in addition would like to extend their practical knowledge, there is the opportunity to register for special training courses focussing on older Bosch systems. Beside the Jetronic systems, courses on Bosch alternators and mechanical gasoline injection are available. In these practical courses, technical knowledge is shared directly by the Bosch manufacturer with participants. For detailed information and registration, please visit www.automotive-tradition.com.