OREANDA-NEWS. Glassdoor®, the world's most transparent jobs and recruiting marketplace, will host a roundtable on pay equality featuring Hillary Clinton and a number of other leaders, experts and advocates on April 12, 2016 -- Equal Pay Day -- at 9:30 a.m. EDT/6:30 a.m. PDT.

The group of leaders and experts will participate in a frank discussion about the reality of the gender pay gap and explore contributing causes and a range of solutions -- from employer actions to education and training to government policies.

The roundtable will be moderated by award-winning journalist Diane Brady, most recently of Bloomberg. Participants include:

        ·      Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State, former U.S. senator, former first lady 
·      Robert Hohman, co-founder and CEO, Glassdoor, Inc. 
·      Lori Nishiura Mackenzie, executive director, The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at 
      Stanford University 
·      Megan Rapinoe, World Cup Champion & Olympic Gold Medalist 
·      Tracy Sturdivant, co-founder & co-executive director of Make It Work

This critical discussion comes at a time when the gender pay gap is top of mind for many Americans and employees around the world. Nine in 10 employees across seven countries believe men and women should be paid equally for equal work, according to a recent Glassdoor survey, yet a sizable wage gap still exists. New research from Glassdoor Economic Research revealed that the gender pay gap is real and significant -- 5.4 percent in the U.S. -- even after controls for education, work experience, location, industry and even job title and company are applied. And, the same research reveals the pay gap grows significantly with age. Over a career, the pay gap can easily cost a woman earning $40,000 to $100,000 a year tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to a man on the same career path. And, according to Census data analysis, the unadjusted2 wage gap is even larger for many women of color working full time. For example, on average, African American women earn only 64 cents, and Latinas only 56 cents, for every dollar white, non-Hispanic men earn.3

"A critical step to closing the gender pay gap is increasing transparency around pay to illuminate disparities and empower people and employers with information to spark important conversations. This roundtable is one such conversation to increase awareness and work toward solutions to help close the gap across companies, industries and countries," said Robert Hohman, co-founder and CEO of Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor's economic research reveals there are a variety of factors contributing to gender pay gaps. Exploring the root causes and driving awareness among employees, employers and policy makers can have positive economic impact, and we are pleased to host such a respected group of leaders to help shine a bright light on this important issue."