OREANDA-NEWS. April 11, 2016. Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode GTA Online continues to evolve. Rockstar Games today announced a new adversary mode and detailed GTA Online's next weekly event, which includes double RP opportunities, weapon discounts, a new car, and more.

The new adversary mode is called "Inch By Inch." It launches this coming Tuesday, April 12, and challenges teams of players to carry a package to their opponent's endzone to score. It's not so easy, of course, as you'll have to "claw your way through a hail of bullets to reach your team's endzone," Rockstar said.

The player carrying the package cannot use weapons, which means "tenacity and teamwork are required to advance towards the goal line." This player, however, can make use of a "burst of speed" to help secure the package and stay alive, but again, support from teammates will be key to success.

Inch By Inch sounds fun and exciting, but unfortunately, no gameplay videos for it have been released.

While you'll have to wait until April 12 to play Inch By Inch, you can earn double GTA\\$ and RP right now by participating in a number of other adversary modes. These modes were not named outright, as they will be available from a rotating playlist you can find in the menu. The double rewards will be offered through April 14, and when Inch By Inch is added on April 12, it will join the hopper.