OREANDA-NEWS. April 11, 2016. As the company Sollers informed the analytic agency "AUTOSTAT", it was received approval from SPIC for the project of engine-plant creating in Vladivostok in the last week. "After the finalization of signing of all relevant documentation, we will be able to start the pre-production. The company plans to create the production with a capacity of 50 thousand engines per year ", -said at Sollers.

Currently, the company "Mazda Sollers Manufacturing RUS” in Vladivostok is being build two models of the Japanese brand by technology SKD: Mazda CX-5 and Mazda6. It is nore about the localization of production. Thus, the full-cycle production of cars was to moved to better times and the company decided to start the production of engines Mazda, which, apart from the using in the Russian pipeline, may be imported to Japan and China.

Recall that Sollers car plant in the Far East in 2015 reduced the production more than twice compared with the previous year - up to 31823 passenger cars.