OREANDA-NEWS. Dealers of AVTOVAZ faced with a deficit of LADA XRAY – stock of cars cannot meet demand. Three dealers of LADA brand in Moscow and regions informed about it “RBK”. According to two of them, the car demand is higher than sales opportunities of dealers by approximately 15 - 20%.

According to the representative of AVTOVAZ, the plant works on the orders of a dealer network in two months in advance, and production of XRAY will grow from month to month, he says. At the same time the company knows about the high demand for this model and it is increasing the production. So, since January, when the plant reached the industrial assembly of crossover, volumes increased twice - from 50 cars per day and to about 100 units (as of the end of March).

Recall that the LADA XRAY crossover went on sale on February 14th. According to preliminary statistic data of the Association of European Businesses (AEB), it was sold 2.5 thousand cars by the results of less than two months. In March LADA XRAY entered the list of 25 of best-selling cars in the Russian market - it was sold 1.5 thousand cars. The sales plan for the current year - from 16 to 20 thousand vehicles, depending on the market situation.