OREANDA-NEWS. The bestselling car in Russia was Hyundai Solaris the second consecutive month – by the results of March the figure of this model was 7678 units, which is less by 10.6% than a year ago. The second result is again at the KIA Rio - 5823 sold cars and it is less by 18.7% than the result of the previous year. In the third place there was left LADA Granta, whose sales were 5181 cars (-58.3%). But the fourth position was occupied by the new model of AvtoVAZ - sedan LADA Vesta, the indicator of which in March reached 4595 units.

Thus, if we consider the sales statistics for the first quarter of 2016, then Hyundai Solaris has increased its lag from LADA Granta (21434 and 18893 units, respectively). As the head of the Analysts department of the agency "AUTOSTAT", Andrew Toptun, this situation is largely connected with the launch of LADA Vesta, which takes a part of potential buyers from the LADA Granta. And if this trend continues, then by the end of the year Hyundai Solaris can add to the title of best foreign car of recent years, for the first time, the title of best-selling car in Russia.