OREANDA-NEWS. In the first three months of the year Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 113,100 vehicles to customers worldwide – growth of 4.3 per cent. With 46,100 vehicles, the brand's deliveries in March also exceeded the previous year's level (+0.8 per cent).

On the German domestic market the brand delivered with 28,000 units 3.7 per cent more vehicles in the first quarter than in the same period last year (27,100 vehicles). Growth was particularly high in the European core markets Italy (+40.2 per cent to 2,900 vehicles), Spain (+27.7 per cent to 3,100 vehicles) and France (+17.6 per cent to 4,600 vehicles).

Deliveries to Eastern Europe (+2.6 per cent to 8,000 vehicles) and South America (+4.1 per cent to 9,600 vehicles) also developed positively in the first three months of the year.

Markets in Africa (-29.7 per cent to 3,000 vehicles), Asia-Pacific (-9.1 per cent to 5,000 vehicles) and the Middle East (-0.5 per cent to 7,900 vehicles) recorded a fall in sales.

Bram Schot, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles responsible for Sales and Marketing: "The renewal of the model range with Caddy and T-series in 2015 is taking effect. It will be continued this year and next year with the Amarok and Crafter." Above all deliveries in Western Europe have seen a pleasing development. He says: "The markets in Southern and Western Europe are also recovering again." He is expecting "continued positive development of the brand for the whole of 2016". However, Schot goes on to say that the situation in the regions without such strong national economies remains challenging.

An overview of deliveries of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles by models:
- 46,800 vehicles of the T-model series (43,500; +7.6 per cent)
- 36,700 vehicles of the Caddy model series (35,000; +4.9 per cent)
- 18,800 vehicles of the Amarok model series (18,500; +1.7 per cent)
- 10,900 vehicles of the Crafter model series (11,600; -5.9 per cent)