OREANDA-NEWS. Since May 15th, Risto Eelmaa will be the new head of AS Express Post. For the last five years, he was the head of Itella SmartPOST, during which it became the leading parcel terminal and courier service company.

Risto will take the relay from Sven Suurraid, who has led AS Express Post for the last 13 years and made a remarkable contribution to its development, and who has decided to leave the company.

“The whole postal field is going through a large-scale change and technology plays an important part in it. I am hoping to give a new development push to Express Post to keep up the current business and make it more effective. In order to achieve sustainable growth, it is important to find new business directions, which could grow the company’s turnover and offer the customers a wider product portfolio. I am excited to meet my new colleagues to accept these challenges together,” Risto Eelmaa said.

AS Express Post, providing home delivery of media publications, was founded in 1997 and currently belongs equally to AS Eesti Meedia and AS Ekspress Grupp. AS Express Post offers home delivery in Tallinn and Tartu and counties in their 20–30 km vicinity; also in P?rnu and Viljandi. Express Post delivers an average of 95 thousand subscribed periodicals to the customers’ mailboxes daily; it also accepts subscriptions of periodicals and offers full administration of databases.