OREANDA-NEWS. Giant rotary excavator ER-1250 is brought into operation at the largest open-pit mine in Borodino' M.I. Shadov, part of the Siberian Coal Energy Company. The length of the machine is more than 48 meters, the height - 22,5 meters (level of an 8 storey building) with a weight of almost 700 tons. Machines like that are widely used in mining, mainly lignite and coal. Production capacity of the excavator - 1250 cubic meters of rock mass per hour.

The ER-1250 has been assigned serial number 94 at the Borodino open-pit mine. Installation and adjustment of the excavator was performed by specialists of the SUEK service enterprises - Borodino repair and mechanical plant (BRMZ) and Nazarovo Mining and installation and commissioning management (NGMNU). During installation the machine has undergone extensive modernization: the excavator is controlled by a joystick; the cabin is equipped with on-board computers and screens, which display information from the surveillance cameras; and electrical staff are replaced with more modern and reliable equipment, which will minimize the possibility of system output electrical outages and powerful technology.

The crew of ER-1250 № 94 will be headed by senior engine driver Opel Germenchuk, representative miner; dynasty with overall work experience of more that 180 years.

Together with a self-propelled screening machine Warrior-2400 the excavator will ship to customers graded coal of high quality at the Borodino open-pit mine.