OREANDA-NEWS. National Settlement Depository (NSD) continues organizing lectures by leaders of the financial community. On 13 April, Ruben Lee, founder and managing director of the Oxford Finance Group, a research and consulting firm which concentrates on economic, operational, legal, and regulatory aspects of financial markets, gave a lecture at NSD. NSD’s clients and partners had an opportunity to attend the world class expert’s lecture for free.

Ruben Lee’s lecture was devoted to issues of managing the settlement infrastructure. He presented his view on the role and tasks of infrastructure, corporate governance principles and optimal parameters, and challenges that financial market regulators face all over the world.

Ruben Lee has a 30 years’ experience in working on financial markets of the USA, Canada, UK and other EU countries, as well as in the investment business. Mr. Lee is on the Advisory Panel of Financial Services Experts, established by the Economics and Monetary Affairs Committee, European Parliament, and the Conseil Scientifique of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers in France. He is an author of the book “Running the World's Markets: The Governance of Financial Infrastructure”; a Russian edition of this book has been issued by NSD and Alpina Publisher, a leading Russian publishing house specializing in business literature.

NSD intends to continue organizing meetings with leading financial market experts.