OREANDA-NEWS. Buyers of new buildings will not be able to collect fines from developers who delay the completion of the house until the end of 2022. The corresponding government decree is published on the official portal of legal information.

Until December 31, 2022, no penalty will be charged for violation of the deadlines for the transfer of apartments by developers, the document noted.

For current claims for the payment of a penalty that were presented before the publication of the decision, a deferred payment for a period after December 31, 2022 is applied. At the same time, concessions affected the equity holders. If payment is deferred under an equity participation agreement (DDU) until the end of the year, penalties may not be paid.

The resolution added that a moratorium is being introduced on the inclusion of new buildings in the Unified Register of Problematic Objects (ERPO) until December 31, 2022. Local authorities and regulatory authorities will not be able to apply to the courts and Rosreestr so that construction companies that miss the deadlines for the completion of houses stop selling kindergartens.

As a general rule, if the developer violated the deadlines provided for in the contract for the delivery of the house, at the request of the shareholder, he had to pay a penalty. Compensation for the delay was charged in the amount of one three hundredth of the Central Bank refinancing rate, effective on the date of fulfillment of the obligation. Also, the developer had to pay a fine of 50% of the amount of the penalty.

On March 25, Kommersant, citing data from a survey by Synergy, an intersectoral association of self-regulators in the field of construction and design, wrote that about 40% of construction companies began to freeze their projects throughout Russia. Developers are doing this because of anti-Russian sanctions, which have led to a rise in the price of building materials, disruption of supply chains and increased funding, the study notes.