OREANDA-NEWS. A variety of rumors are circulating on social networks related to the coronavirus vaccine and its consequences. One of them was commented on in the program "On the most important" on the channel "Russia 1" by the chief physician of the MEDSI clinical hospital in Otradnoye, professor, doctor of medical sciences Tatyana Shapovalenko and obstetrician-gynecologist Yuri Sorokin. According to doctors, vaccination cannot provoke infertility.

"There was a huge amount of fake news that the vaccine disrupts the reproductive function in men and women. The vaccine does not violate anything," the doctor said.

Sorokin added that most of the doctors were vaccinated. It also suggests that speculation about its effect on reproductive function is meaningless.

At the same time, the transferred coronavirus infection itself really affects the functionality of the sperm. Due to COVID-19, the quality of semen is deteriorating and its quantity is reduced. Also, the number of healthy spermatozoa decreases and their mobility decreases.

Therefore, the doctor recommended that those who have had COVID-19 and are planning to have children should visit an andrologist and have a spermogram (MAR test) done. Further, depending on the result, a decision should be made. A positive MAR test is an indication for IVF.

"Each next round of infection will worsen the already not magical state of your spermogram," the TV presenter told Philip Belov. Shapovalenko added that the vaccines available now protect both from the infection itself and from the severe course of the disease. “Therefore, it is imperative to be vaccinated,” the doctor concluded.