OREANDA-NEWSDoosan Skoda applied 3D scanning technology and computer simulation for the overhaul of a thermal power plant in the Czech city of Kladno. This was reported by Power Engineering International. After six years of trouble-free operation, the 135 MW double-case condensing steam turbine, which forms the basis of the CHP, was opened for overhaul to improve safety and prevent malfunctions.

To repair the turbines - the most technically difficult stage of the project - Doosan Skoda engineers created a virtual 3D model that allowed us to evaluate the deformations and the level of mechanical damage with high accuracy. Thanks to this, the engineers were able to identify and eliminate the problem areas ahead of schedule.

"All scheduled and unscheduled work on the overhaul of the CHPP was carried out in accordance with the schedule, which allowed us to put the power plant into operation in a timely manner. In addition, the use of the advanced 3D scanning method gave engineers the opportunity to complete the turbine repair phase a day ahead of schedule", said Project Manager Doosan Skoda Power Yaroslav Soisal.