OREANDA-NEWS. The Hungarian authorities have compared the cost of the two anti-COVID drugs - Russian and Chinese vaccines against coronavirus. Information about contracts for the purchase of these vaccines was posted on Facebook by the head of the office of the Hungarian Prime Minister Gergely Guyash.

The document says that a dose of Sputnik V, consisting of two components, costs 19.99 dollars (16.71 euros), a dose of the Chinese drug company Sinopharm, purchased through an intermediary, costs 30 euros and 5% VAT to the state.

Earlier, the Hungarian government proposed to the European Commission to disclose the details of contracts signed with Western pharmaceutical companies for the supply of vaccines to EU countries.

There are currently five drugs used for vaccination in Hungary. Among the vaccines approved for use in the country is the Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

As for the drug Astra-Zeneca, its use in Hungary was temporarily suspended on March 5. It is reported that this is due to the technical problems of alerting the population. Prime Minister Viktor Orban noted that vaccination has been suspended while technical failures are being considered, Hungary Today reports.