OREANDA-NEWS. The Serbian Ministry of Health has named Sputnik V the vaccine that causes the least side effects. This was stated by the head of the department Mirsad Jerlek. According to him, about 50% of the population is currently vaccinated in the country. Except the Russian drug, Serbia uses Pfizer, Sinopharm and AstraZeneca vaccines.

“We did not have serious adverse reactions with any of the four drugs used. As for Sputnik V specifically, it, together with another agent, caused the least number of side effects, and we are talking about a very high-quality vaccine, so we are proud that we will produce it, ”the minister said. He did not voice the second drug.

The official said that the drug supplied from Russia has already been fully used. The first batch of vaccines, packaged at the Torlak Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums in Belgrade, is expected soon. Recently, Gamaleya Center which developed the vaccine must confirm their quality.

In total, in Serbia, 48.6% of the adult population were vaccinated with the two components. “It is not possible to say exactly how many Sputnik V vaccinations have been delivered, approximately of the total number it is up to 25%, citizens have shown great interest in him, and I myself have been grafted into them,” Jerlek said.

In April, Serbia and Russia signed an agreement on the production of Sputnik V at the Torlak Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums.