OREANDA-NEWS. The American arms company Culper Precision has released a kind of pistol that resembles a LEGO toy. It is worth noting that Glock is by no means a toy, but quite real.

The pistol is called Block19 and looks like a weapon that a child could make by playing a construction set. Culper Precision said the design was intended to "highlight the sheer joy of shooting sports."

“We created Block19 to show everyone who has recently acquired firearms that they are not just for the former and current military and the people prone to empty bravado, which we see so often on social media. Guns are for EVERYONE, and we want one from the first to welcome the new owners, no matter what people they are and no matter what political views they have, "added Culper Precision.

The Danish toy maker LEGO didn't like the idea. The company has asked Culper Precision to discontinue the pistol.

The manufacturer, in turn, defends its development. They note that weapons will still fall into the hands of those who are allowed by law. That is, there should be no problems.

The Danish company Lego was one of the first to react to the exit of the "pistol from Lego". The sale of the stylized pistol was reported to her by the NGO Everytown for Gun Safety, which fights against gun violence. Lego then demanded that Block19 be discontinued, and Culper Precision President Brendon Scott told the Washington Post that the arms company would comply.

Culper Precision was hit by a wave of criticism: the release of "toy" weapons was called irresponsible and dangerous. Everytown for Gun Safety activist Shannon Watts stressed that minors are increasingly becoming victims of firearms in the United States.
US laws prohibit the production of toys that look like real weapons, but it is technically possible to make a weapon stylized as a toy.

Ultimately, Culper Precision spoke with a lawyer and decided to comply with the LEGO requirement. The weapon has been removed from the manufacturer's website, according to the BBC.