OREANDA-NEWS. India's two leading vaccine manufacturers, vaccineers AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, have warned global vaccine production is under threat from US export controls amid the pandemic. This was reported by the Financial Times newspaper.

US suppliers say they may not be able to fulfill orders for overseas customers due to Washington's enforcement of the military production law, said Mahima Datla, executive director of pharmaceutical company Biological E.

Late last year, then-US President-elect Joe Biden said he was using martial law to mobilize production to expedite COVID-19 vaccinations.

Mahima Datla called for urgent international intervention, saying: "This will not only make it difficult to scale up production of coronavirus vaccines, but it will make it extremely difficult to produce conventional vaccines."

Serum Institute executive director Adar Punavalla also warned that the military production law could undermine global vaccination efforts.

He said: "The Novavax vaccine, of which we are the largest manufacturers, needs these goods from the US. We are talking about having free global access to vaccines, but if we can not get the raw materials out of the US, this will be a serious limiting factor."