OREANDA-NEWSThe leaders of three industry associations, uniting the largest manufacturers of consumer goods, electronics and packaging for them and car tires, opposed the abolition of the mechanism for self-disposal of products and the introduction of the environmental tax proposed by the Ministry of Natural Resources instead.

The RusPRO Association represents companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsico Holdings, Danone, Tetra Pak, InBev Efes and Nestle. SKO "Electronics - Utilization" combines Indesit International, Philips, Canon, Samsung Electronics, Sony Electronics, LG Electronics, Dell and others. EcoShinSoyuz includes Continental, Michelin, Nokian Tires, Goodyear and Brigestone.

The reform of the environmental responsibility of the business “will return hundreds of thousands of tons of waste to landfills and increase prices in stores - price increases can reach 22%", the organization noted.

According to the expert, the proceeds from the sale to processors of raw materials collected by garbage operators until they cover the costs of organizing the collection and sorting of waste.