OREANDA-NEWS British residents are not willing to part with their gas boilers, the Daily Express reports, according to Gazeta.ru.

The paper reports that the government of Great Britain headed by Boris Johnson has developed a plan to switch from gas-fired heating systems to more environmentally friendly, low-carbon ones. Under the government's program, those who wish to purchase a geothermal or air heater can receive grants for installation. However, even such measures have failed to get Britons to give up gas boilers.

According to the Daily Express survey, two out of five Britons intend to buy a new gas boiler to replace a broken one. Only 12% of those surveyed are willing to opt for an upgraded heating system.

It is noted that the astronomical cost of installation is the main reason why households put off buying low-carbon heat pumps, as many families believe the technology could become cheaper before gas boilers are completely banned in the UK.