OREANDA-NEWSLarge manufacturers and importers of soft drinks in Russia will voluntarily take on new commitments to reduce sugar and limit advertising. This was reported by the Russian media on Wednesday with reference to representatives of the Union of Manufacturers of Soft Drinks and Mineral Water.

In particular, on December 4, members of the association will sign a Code of Voluntary Obligations, which envisages an average 10% reduction in sugar in drinks by the end of 2024, introduction to the assortment of drinks in small packages (less than 500 ml), as well as placement of information on the composition in an understandable way consumer form. The agreement is intended to be signed by SPBN, PepsiCo, IDS Borjomi Russia, Coca-Cola HBC Russia (bottling Coca-Cola), UK Chernogolovka, Holding aqua (manufacturer Essentuki) and others. To ensure that products meet the requirements of the code , companies are given a year.

According to the president of the association, Maxim Novikov, the main idea of ​​the code is to promote rational consumption. Sweet carbonated drinks do not threaten health, but they should be consumed within reasonable limits.