OREANDA-NEWS. Nissan management may suspend the operation of the brand car factory in St. Petersburg if China does not resume production of parts for the assembly of cars, which were curtailed due to the spread of coronavirus. This was reported to the Russian media by a company representative. According to him, the St. Petersburg plant will stop collecting cars if Chinese production does not resume work before February 17.

“At the moment, risks are being assessed. According to the current situation, everything is in normal mode, the plant is working, there are no delays, components are plentiful. If China comes out, as was announced on February 17th, there will be no delay”, Nissan’s press service told the Russian media. According to a company representative, if the Chinese plants do not start working within this period, there may be a delay in supplies. However, the company hopes that work will continue in the normal mode.

According to the American media, Nissan will suspend operation of one of its factories in Japan for two days, which produces models Serena and X-Trail. According to a spokeswoman for the brand's Yokohama branch, the plant will be closed February 14 and 17 due to disruption in the supply of automotive parts. As soon as the problem is solved, the work of the plant will resume. According to her, because of this situation, production at other Nissan plants in Japan was not suspended.