OREANDA-NEWS. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) no longer considers the common artificial color E-171 to be a safe food additive. This is stated in a press release from the department.

E-171 is a titanium diosxide. It gives products an attractive appearance and extends shelf life. In addition, titanium dioxide is used in the manufacture of varnishes and paints, ceramics, glass, rubber, paper and plastic, cosmetics, medicines and hygiene products.

Lead expert Majed Younes said, “Taking into account all the available scientific research and data, the panel concluded that titanium dioxide could no longer be considered safe as a dietary supplement. about genotoxicity (the ability of a substance to damage DNA) after ingestion of titanium dioxide particles. When ingested, the absorption of titanium dioxide particles is low, but it can accumulate in the body. "

The EFSA also noted that it can no longer establish a permissible daily intake for E-171.

Previously, the sale of products with titanium dioxide was banned by France. The European Commission and Member States intend to review the findings of the EFSA and decide on consumer guidelines and regulations.

It is noted that the European Commission and Member States will now analyze the EFSA findings and decide on consumer guidelines and regulations.