Food product manufacture

Armenian brandy
10.06.2021, 12:12
The Armenian government approved at a meeting on Thursday a financial agreement with the EU, providing for the provision of 3 million euros to Yerevan as part of the process of smooth abandonment of the geographical designation "cognac" for Armenian alcoholic beverages.
Riga sprats
26.05.2021, 12:18
State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov proposed to call Latvia the Latvian SSR and prohibit the import of sprat from there.
18.05.2021, 14:51
Tea suppliers on May 17 began notifying retailers in Russia of a possible 12% increase in the price of tea due to the possible closure of a number of large plantations in India during the peak of the pandemic.
In the supermarket
07.05.2021, 16:24
The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) no longer considers the common artificial color E-171 to be a safe food additive.
16.04.2021, 15:19
Russian scientists from Novosibirsk have patented a method of vodka production, which allows to reduce its toxic and post-intoxication effect by 18-20%.
09.03.2021, 12:32
Russia has set a record for food supplies abroad in 2020. This information is reported by the RBC agency. Agricultural exports exceeded imports for the first time.
Bill Gates
17.02.2021, 14:22
Microsoft founder Bill Gates has urged rich countries to switch to artificial beef to save the planet.
11.02.2021, 12:04

Russian retail chains faced difficulties in purchasing bananas. This was reported by Kommersant.

03.02.2021, 11:36
Russia supplied 34.3 million tonnes of grain to other countries from the start of the growing season in July 2020 to January 2021. This is 25% more than the same period last year and the highest indicator in the entire history of the market.
Cup of coffee
24.12.2020, 12:55
By the end of the year, Russia will become the sixth supplier of coffee in the world, the Russian Export Center predicts.
Wheat harvesting
18.12.2020, 10:51
According to the Kommersant newspaper, difficulties with the shipment of wheat under current contracts began in Russia against the background of the announced quotas and duties on grain exports.
AK-12 and AK-15 assault rifles by the Concern Kalashnikov, Russia.
12.11.2020, 17:49
The famous Russian concern Kalashnikov, which produces 95% of small arms in Russia, is going to expand its activities and start producing principally new goods.
Stavropol grapes
20.10.2020, 17:06
The new aw on viticulture and winemaking, which came into force in Russia in 2020, increased the demand for domestic, including Stavropol, grapes.
Sunflower oil
20.10.2020, 10:30

Domestic prices for sunflower oil in Russia have grown so strongly in recent years that they have broken a price record.

Danone Opened a Laboratory at the Baby Food Factory in Moscow Region
08.06.2020, 15:31
Investments in its construction and equipment amounted to about 100 million rubles


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