Vehicles and transport equipment manufacture

09.06.2021, 13:59

French authorities have charged Renault SA with manipulating diesel emissions data.

New British Ajax armored vehicles
03.06.2021, 12:54
Tests have revealed increased vibration while driving in the new British Ajax armored vehicles.
Aviation parade in St. Petersburg
22.03.2021, 10:15
New US sanctions are useless for Washington and will positively affect the operation of Russian enterprises.
Volkswagen logo.
10.02.2021, 10:39

Specialists of the German carmaker are already preparing a feasibility study for this.

A man works at a workshop of Hefei plant of «Changan».
01.02.2021, 12:24

In terms of overall dimensions, the Chinese novelty is comparable to the «Hyundai Getz».

Tokyo, Japan
28.01.2021, 15:52

The Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun spoke about the plans of the country's government to increase the missile range due to the cancellation of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF Treaty).

Attack drone
12.01.2021, 11:22

According to a Russian expert, the newest Russian heavy attack drone C-70 "Okhotnik" will become a "faithful companion" for the Su-57 and will be able to use the entire range of weapons of the fifth generation fighter, including high-precision missiles.

16.12.2020, 14:03
The construction of the fourth serial Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker Chukotka, project 22220, began on Wednesday at the Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg.
Russian weapons
08.12.2020, 10:37
The United States delivered military products to Ukraine in 2020 for a record $ 510.6 million.
Launch of Sarmat missile from Plesetsk space port
03.12.2020, 10:38

Chinese users praised the performance of the Russian Sarmat ICBM as the best in the world.

Manufacturing of Boeing 747 May Be Stopped Soon
03.07.2020, 10:48
Despite its popularity among passengers, the airliner is not in demand on most routes.
Putin Urged to Stimulate Increasing Demand for Russian Aircraft
13.05.2020, 17:20

According to the President, Russia is among the few countries in the world that can produce the entire line of civilian and military airplanes and helicopters.

Mercedes-Benz Recalls about 500 Cars in Russia
20.04.2020, 12:37
On these machines, the turbocharger oil supply pipe must be replaced
Nissan Has Denied Rumors about Developing a Plan to Exit Alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi
14.01.2020, 08:25
Company emphasized that the association is the source of Nissan’s competitiveness, and the alliance’s leadership is the only body authorized to make organizational decisions
Media: Rosatom Plans to Invest almost $ 7 Billion in Organization of Shipping
21.11.2019, 09:03
State corporations expect to deliver 72 million tons of cargo per year


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