OREANDA-NEWS. Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the superiority of the Kalibr cruise missiles over foreign models.

"Now the troops have and are receiving the latest long-range cruise missiles Kh-101, Caliber, ballistic and cruise missiles of the Iskander operational-tactical complex, multiple launch rocket systems, guided aerial bombs of various calibers," he said at a meeting with the leadership Ministry of Defense and representatives of the defense industry.

The President specified that in terms of their characteristics, they are not only not inferior, but also "often surpass foreign models", and in a number of indicators they are completely unique.

Vladimir Putin said that the analysis of military conflicts shows the growing role of cruise missiles, the army should be equipped with such weapons.

"An analysis of the military conflicts of recent decades, the experience of the development of the world's leading armies shows what a growing role is played by the effective use of, say, cruise missiles of various bases, as well as guided munitions," Putin said at the meeting.

The President added that it is important that the Russian army and navy are sufficiently equipped with such modern, high-precision weapons.