The Bulgarian newspaper “Dnevnik” published the article the day before, which said that US President Joseph Biden had waived new sanctions against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The head of the United States admitted that sanctions against the project are currently counterproductive because it is already close to completion.

This material caused a stormy response from readers from Bulgaria, most of whom criticized this decision of the American side. “Unlike us, Germany was able to defend its national interests,” wrote a user by the nickname Shorsho.

Commentator dfjftriktrcdt joked that "Everything is gone and now the people of Eastern Europe will suck their paws," and user kvasimodo, in turn, noted that he was not surprised by Joseph Biden's decision, because "Democrats have never had a strong foreign policy."

“When the Russian Federation develops the northern route, it will be able to deliver gas and other goods anywhere in the northern hemisphere much faster than anyone else,” said Armagedon, a user from Bulgaria.

“Sheer disappointment! Biden has betrayed us, ”Günther said.

As the site kp.ru reported, last Wednesday the American leader said that the construction of the Russian Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was almost completed, so it would not be possible to stop it with new restrictions on the part of the United States.