OREANDA-NEWS. The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation allocated 12 billion rubles for the construction of the first stage of the Russian industrial zone in Egypt, which will become a platform for the expansion of Russian companies in the markets of Africa and the Middle East. This was announced on Thursday by Arslan Ayupov, Deputy Managing Director for Strategy of Technopolis Moscow, at the Forum of Small and Medium Businesses of the regions of the SCO and BRICS member countries.

“One of our crazy projects is the industrial Russian zone in Egypt, the Ministry of Industry and Trade ordered it for us. We have fully developed the concept, master plan, business model, financial model that was protected in Minek for this project. Minek needs 12 billion rubles for construction allocated the first stage, so soon we will have a Russian industrial zone, the first export project on the territory of the Suez Canal", Ayupov said.

From the information presented on the slides, it follows that the urban planning concept of the territory has already been agreed with the special economic zone of the Suez Canal, a pool of first-line residents has been attracted, primary and secondary markets for the products of residents of the industrial zone have been identified, and an intergovernmental agreement has been developed between the governments of the Russian Federation and Egypt .

The investments of resident companies of the Russian Industrial Zone in Egypt at the first stage of the project were previously estimated at $ 324.9 million. The project involves three phases. The last stage, providing for the final formation of an industrial zone with an area of ​​2 thousand hectares, was planned to be completed by 2035. The Fifth Forum of Small and Medium Businesses of the regions of the SCO and BRICS member countries is held in Ufa from September 26 to 27, and about 2.5 thousand experts from 30 countries take part in it.