OREANDA-NEWS. Roskosmos has announced a tender to study the problematic issues of organizing manned flights to the Moon, following the results, requirements for space technology for organizing such missions should be developed, according to the materials of the state corporation, published on the public procurement website.

"The objectives of the research work: development of proposals, recommendations, requirements for promising technologies, elements and systems of products of rocket and space technology, ensuring the reliable implementation of manned flights to the Moon, the work of cosmonauts in the circumlunar orbit and the surface of the Moon, taking into account the need to solve medico-biological problems, "the document says.

The total amount of the contract is 1.7 billion rubles.

For the first time in the official documents of Roskosmos it is indicated that Russia will conduct the first manned flights to the Moon on the Angara rocket using a small manned transport ship.

The document also provides for the development of requirements for a small lunar take-off and landing vehicle intended for landing astronauts on the lunar surface.

In addition, the contract provides for the development of the appearance of a new spacesuit for work on the Moon and the creation of its experimental model, means of protecting the health of astronauts, including new first-aid kits, a construction lunar rover (lunar rover-builder), a "lunomobile" (a manned non-pressurized lunar rover), habitable and power modules of the lunar base, a ship for the delivery of goods to the moon.

Further, the document provides for the development of a super-heavy rocket, a manned transport ship (not small) and a lunar take-off and landing ship (also not small).

The work under the contract is divided into parts. The first results should be presented at the end of 2022. In general, the entire program should be prepared by mid-November 2025.