OREANDA-NEWS Scientists from Oxford proposed to extract valuable metals from volcanoes. It is reported that in parallel it is possible to obtain green geothermal energy. The article was published in the journal Open Science.

It is noted that large volumes of liquid, which is rich in metals, can accumulate under an active volcano. It is theoretically possible to extract resources from it with much lower costs and damage to nature than from stone ore.

Metal-rich solutions are found under active volcanoes in Italy, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia and the Antilles, the geologists noted.

However, for the extraction of metals in this way, new tools and technologies will be needed. The fact is that a saturated solution, sometimes heated to plus 450 ° C, is highly corrosive. At the same time, it is necessary to assess the risk so as not to provoke an eruption.

Now scientists do not believe that the risk is great, because the metal solutions lie above the heart of the volcano. Scientists will test this and are already selecting a site for experimental drilling.