09.03.2021, 12:32
Russia has set a record for food supplies abroad in 2020. This information is reported by the RBC agency. Agricultural exports exceeded imports for the first time.
Agricultural Exports from Russia Increased by 18 %
20.08.2020, 10:44

This was reported by Deputy Prime Minister, Viktoria Abramchenko.

Russia Quadrupled Export of Sugar
27.07.2020, 15:50

The increase is connected to a large harvest of sugar beet.

US Department of Agriculture Predicts One of the Largest Wheat Crops in Russia
13.05.2020, 11:06

According to analysts, in the season of 2020–2021, it can harvest 77 million tons.

Ukrainian President Signed a Law on the Agricultural Land Market
28.04.2020, 18:39

From July 1, 2021, only Ukrainian citizens will be able to acquire plots of agricultural land with an area of ​​up to 100 hectares.

Experts: Russia's Suspension of Grain Exports Will not Affect Supply Volumes
28.04.2020, 12:19
Shipments under previous agreements are ongoing, the founder of the National Agrarian Agency said
Lukashenko Said That Russia Refused to Supply Buckwheat to Belarus
21.04.2020, 13:51
The President of the Republic in this regard ordered to increase the production of buckwheat in the country
Russia’s Decision to Reduce Grain Exports Caused Concern of WTO and WHO
06.04.2020, 19:26

International organizations believe that restrictions can break the entire food supply chain in the world.

The Head of the Hydrometeorological Center Warns of the Absence of Virgin Lands for Agriculture in Russia
26.02.2020, 14:05

Roman Vilfand noted that there is an opportunity to improve the crop capacity on existing agricultural territories.

Russia Plans to Limit Grain Exports
14.01.2020, 16:16

From January 1 till June 30, 2020, no more than 20 million tons of grain can be sent outside the country.

Russian Agricultural Surveillance May Temporarily Limit Supply of Feed and Feed Additives from China
13.01.2020, 14:00
In 2019, GMO components were discovered in products of four Chinese enterprises
Russia Introduced Restrictions on the Supply of Citrus Fruits from China
30.12.2019, 19:19

The decision was made in connection with the systematic cases of the identification of dangerous quarantine objects in exported products.

Putin Approved New Food Security Doctrine
27.12.2019, 17:04

According to the document, it is necessary to create a state reserve of agricultural products, raw materials and food in anticipation of emergency, including bad weather and crop failure.

Putin: Russia Outperformed the US and Canada on Wheat Exports
19.12.2019, 15:20
Before, the Soviet Union was always a buyer of grain, the president recalled
Ecuador Declared Interest in Maintaining the Supply of Its Bananas in Russia
18.12.2019, 09:16
Earlier, Russia announced a possible restriction on the import of plant products from this country due to the detection of a pest in the products.


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