OREANDA-NEWS. Siemens has applied to the Ministry at the conclusion of the investment contract (SPIC) for a 100% localization of production in Russia of high power gas turbines, reported the President of Siemens in Russia Alexander Liberov.

"The important point I would like to note that we are not asking for public funding, and are willing to invest their own funds. Moreover, we do not ask for any tax or customs preferences. For us, the main thing is to support government plans for the localisation of the turbines SGT5-2000E," - said Liberia.

The document was sent on 2 July. Under the terms of Speke, to mid-2023 will be localised "hot gas path" and an automatic control system for a gas turbine. "The planned level of localization turbine SGT-2000E at the plant "Siemens gas turbine technology" will be at least 90%", — stated in the message. Siemens in Russia investing in STGT and enterprise partners to "increase the innovative capacity of Russian companies".