04.06.2021, 11:42
These funds, in addition to the All-Russian Wedding and Epiphany Center, will also be used to build a family multimedia educational park «Golden Ring 2.0», hotels and new museums.
New York. Manhattan
28.01.2021, 17:19
The company "Absolute", owned by Russian billionaire Alexander Svetakov, has built seven residential complexes in Manhattan in New York, USA. The total cost of the erected apartments is estimated at almost $ 1 billion.
New residential areas in Moscow
18.01.2021, 11:20

In 2020, 1.7 million mortgage loans were issued in Russia for a total of 4.3 trillion rubles. Thus, the country has set an absolute record for the issuance of housing loans in the entire history of the domestic mortgage market.

Media: China Will Install over 600 Thousand Base Stations for the 5G Network by the End of 2020
08.06.2020, 14:47
It is also reported that the total number of users of fifth-generation communication services has reached 36 million
Able to Complete the Nord Stream-2 Ship Left Port in Germany
28.05.2020, 13:47
According to the same sites, after leaving the port of Mukran, the Academician Chersky stopped at the anchorage near the port of Sassnits
Russian Banks Reduced Mortgage Lending in April by almost 40%
25.05.2020, 14:15
The average amount of loans issued also decreased from almost 2.5 million rubles in March to 2.26 million rubles in April
Gazprom Has Begun Design and Survey Work on the Power of Siberia-2 Gas Pipeline
18.05.2020, 17:23
The aim of the project is to connect the gas transmission infrastructure of the West and the East of Russia, gasification in Eastern Siberia
Rosatom Retains Interest in Project to Expand Nuclear Power Plants in the Czech Republic
18.05.2020, 15:32
The state corporation reported that in February they took part in consultations, where they talked about their projects
Poland Begins Construction of the Baltic Pipe Gas Pipeline
04.05.2020, 10:00
It should connect deposits on the Norwegian shelf in the North Sea with Poland via Denmark
Experts: Real Estate Prices in Russia May Fall by 5-15% by the End of Year due to a Pandemic
08.04.2020, 11:20
n the baseline scenario, during the recovery phase after quarantine, average sales growth rates can be expected
Rostelecom Will Build a New Line to Transfer Traffic from Europe to Asia
07.04.2020, 11:11
It's necessary so as not to lose market share in the transit of traffic from Europe to Asia
Russian Oil Companies May Reduce Capital Investment by 20% due to Collapse in Oil Prices
30.03.2020, 09:59
Oil companies around the world began to reduce investment amid falling commodity prices below $ 30 per barrel
Putin Approved Start of Design and Survey Work for Power of Siberia-2 Gas Pipeline
27.03.2020, 15:17
Gazprom head Alexei Miller estimated the volume of possible gas supplies through the pipeline through Mongolia to China to 50 billion cubic meters per year
A Vessel Capable of Completing the Nord Stream 2 Sailed Towards Mozambique
17.03.2020, 12:09
Academician Chersky remains the only ship at the disposal of Russia capable of completing Nord Stream 2


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