OREANDA-NEWS. The Swedish Health Authority has suspended vaccination of the country's population against coronavirus with «AstraZeneca». This was facilitated by the side effects identified in the vaccine, in particular the likelihood of blood clots after it's use.

«Vaccination has been suspended as a precautionary measure pending an investigation by the European Medicines Agency», said in a press release of the department. By the way, patients in Sweden did not have blood clots using the vaccine. Nevertheless, the country decided not to risk the health of citizens.

Vaccination with the drug «AstraZeneca» was suspended on Monday, March 15, in Italy. Prior to this, the use of the «AstraZeneca» vaccine was temporarily abandoned in Germany, in the Netherlands. The drug is not used in Denmark, Iceland, Romania, Bulgaria, Portugal, Latvia, and Thailand. The Irish National Advisory Council on Immunization also recommended suspending the use of the British-Swedish vaccine in the country. The drug was also abandoned in France.