OREANDA-NEWS. The Korean company Hyein E&C, together with the Far East Investment Promotion and Export Support Agency, presented a preliminary feasibility study for the development of the Slavyanka port - the anchor project of the Primorye-2 international transport corridor. It's planned that the construction of the corridor will require $ 450-540 million, the IPA press service said on Friday.

The Primorye-2 transport corridor is designed to transport goods between China and Russia, as well as between Korea and Japan. In particular, its main route is Changchun (China), Jilin (China), Hunchun (China), Kraskino (Russia) and Port Zarubino (Russia). The area on which the project will be implemented will be 131 hectares. The initiator of the project from the Russian side is the company "Berkut". According to the Korean side, the development project of the Slavyanka port, in which Korean companies participate, will play a decisive role in the implementation of the policy of Northern Economic Cooperation of the Government of the Republic of Korea.

The expected animated effect achieved as a result of the development and operation of the port, raised through production, will be $ 5.9 billion with an increase in value added to $ 2.8 billion and will provide jobs for 100.9 thousand people.