OREANDA-NEWS. The famous Russian concern Kalashnikov, which produces 95% of small arms in Russia, is going to expand its activities. As reported in the notification of the defense enterprise on the website of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, the concern has filed an application for registration of its own trademark for food products and vaccines, ventilators.

The enterprises of the Kalashnikov concern traditionally produce small arms, remotely controlled combat modules, drones, special-purpose boats, and products for the space industry. Products are supplied to more than 27 countries around the world.

Today’s current reorientation of the arms enterprise is explained by the fact that due to the pandemic, defense spending has decreased, but the demand for food, medicine, and ventilators has increased.

According to the notice, Kalashnikov applied for registration of a trademark in three classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS): pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food products.

The defense concern indicated in the application plans for the production of supplements from protein, analginate, glucose, canned anchovies, ginger, peanuts, artichokes, beans, broths, ginger jam, guacamole, mushrooms, shrimp, lard, salads and other products.

Among the drugs and medical devices declared for production, there are ventilators, analyzers for identifying bacteria, thermometers, syringes, robotic exoskeletons, X-ray machines, equipment for blood analysis, radiation therapy, resuscitation and physiotherapy.