OREANDA-NEWS. Russian retail chains faced difficulties in purchasing bananas. This was reported by Kommersant.

Among the reasons for supply problems are poor harvests in Ecuador, the inability of importers to meet the required supply volumes, and seasonal high demand. Another factor was the fact that in the port of St. Petersburg now several vessels with fruit cannot stand for unloading.

Company representatives say the situation could improve within a few weeks. They also reassured that end customers should not expect an increase in prices, since bananas are "one of the marker positions by which customers generally assess the price level in the store."

However, as RIA Novosti was told in the press service of the Association of Retail Companies, Russian retail chains ensure uninterrupted supplies of bananas to their stores thanks to cooperation with suppliers from a large number of countries; the stocks of this type of fruit are also at a high level.

Such cooperation provides an opportunity for food retailers to switch to supplies from different regions of the world, if necessary, added to the association. The press service concluded that the stocks of retail chains are at a high level and guarantee the satisfaction of consumer demand.