OREANDA-NEWSThree Samsung Electronics senior executives were found guilty of fraud and sentenced to prison. This was announced on Monday by the Korean News Agency.

By a decision of the Seoul Central Administrative Court, Samsung Electronics’s vice president, who was responsible for the company's financial resources, received two years in prison, two other defendants were sentenced to one and a half years in prison. In particular, they were accused that, at their direction, other company employees tried to hide and destroy documents relating to the financial statements of the corporation.

At the moment, the Republic of Korea’s prosecutor’s office suspects Samsung Electronics, Samsung’s drug manufacturer BioLogics, a subsidiary of artificially increasing the value of its shares. Thus, the supervisor believes that in 2015, as a result of an unlawful change in the formula for calculating the value of shares in the joint US-South Korean company Bioepis, Samsung BioLogics capitalization increased sharply.