OREANDA-NEWS. June 29, 2018. US molybdenum concentrate production increased by 5pc in the first quarter from a year earlier on greater shipments and fewer exports.

US molybdenum concentrate production rose to 10,400t in the first quarter, up from 9,920t a year earlier, according to the US Geological Survey.

Shipments of molybdenum concentrate increased by 6pc to 10,500t over the same period.

Total US consumption of molybdenum products was up by 2pc to 3,9800t in the first quarter, rising from 3,910t from the prior year. Consumption of molybdenum oxide edged up to 1,914t from 1,880t, while ferro-molybdenum demand increased by 7pc to 821t.

Stocks of molybdenum products grew to 1,750t on 31 March, from 1,710t from a year prior.