OREANDA-NEWS  The British National Health Service in Brighton and Sussex will prohibit the use of the word "mother" and other words related exclusively to the female sex in obstetrics when discussing maternity with patients. The new language policy for medical institutions is designed to protect the feelings of transgender people.

"Mother", "maternal" and other similar words will be replaced with gender-neutral expressions such as "parent". Changes will also affect conversations about breastfeeding: "breastmilk" is proposed to be denoted by the neologism "chestmilk" - this neologism does not contain a word for a woman's breast.

This prohibition on the use of the word "mother" is intended to protect transgender people and other non-binary people from additional terminological pressures that can negatively affect their psychological and emotional well-being.

The new rules will affect not only direct communication with patients, but also publications of a medical organization on social networks and on official websites.