OREANDA-NEWS. Chinese authorities are starting work on vaccination against the coronavirus among the population at risk, said Zeng Yixin, deputy head of China's state health committee.

“In recent days, everyone has noticed that several cases of infection were associated with the supply of frozen products. Along with the onset of the winter-spring period, the air temperature decreases everywhere, which means that the epidemiological situation will further worsen. Therefore, in these conditions, and in general, based on experience emergency use of the vaccine, we are expanding work to vaccinate part of the population at risk, this is extremely important for containing the epidemic," Zeng Yixin said at a press conference.

At the first stage, the vaccine will be received by customs inspectors, medical workers, employees whose work is related to imported frozen products, employees working in the field of sea and air transport, workers at seafood markets, as well as public transport.

In addition, the vaccination will also be carried out for people who go to work or study in countries with a difficult epidemiological situation.

At the second stage, when the vaccine is already on the market or the volume of its production increases, the range of vaccinees will be expanded.

"Currently, the epidemiological situation in China is quite good, but the threat of import of the virus from abroad is still very high. We do not just need to prevent sick people from leading to a new epidemic in countries, but also to prevent the virus entered the country with cargo, there is still this problem, "- said the official.

However, he did not specify how many people are planned to be vaccinated and what kind of vaccine they use.