OREANDA-NEWS. The new anti-COVID-19 drug for outpatient treatment is approved for sale in Russian pharmacies. It is produced by the company R-Pharm, and it was announced by its press-service. R-Pharm works in Russian Federation and specializes in development and subsequent production of high-tech drugs as well as medical and laboratory equipment.

It became one of the first two Russian drugs for coronavirus that have been approved by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, after receiving a marketing authorization. Its international although non-proprietary name is Favipiravir, according to the ministry’s press service’s announcement. Before that such drugs could be used only for patients’ treatment in hospitals. Now it is going to be used to treat mild to moderate form of coronavirus infection COVID-19. The producers claim that CORONAVIR shortens the time to clinical improvement with new coronavirus infection by 4-8 days.

The R-Pharm press service highlighted that Coronavir has become the first medicinal preparation for coronavirus treatment in Russia which will be available to anyone in pharmacies. However representatives of the company pointed out that this drug will be prescribed by the doctor.